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Have you been involved in a Car Accident? A car accident can cause serious injury and be very upsetting. Talking to an expert Solicitor free of charge after an accident will ensure that you get the right advice.

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Why Choose Us?

We are Expert Car Accident Solicitors and we can take care of everything for you after an accident. We will look after all the stress and hassle at no cost to you!

“Excellent service, such genuine people who wanted the best for me” – from Nathan

At McGee Solicitors you will be met with a friendly face and a positive attitude by a team that really wants to see the best outcome for you.

  • Free Consultation
  • 100% Compensation Guaranteed
  • Full protection against Legal Costs
  • Friendly & Genuine
  • Experts in Personal Injury

Accident Claim Compensation Calculator

We offer a Free Consultation so we can discuss your case free of charge and without obligation and talk you through what to do after an accident and what your options are.

“They were so open and warm to deal with and left me with a great outcome” from Rae

At the heart of our ethos is that we really care about our clients and we want to see the best possible outcome for you. We know how important your case is and the effect it can have on your life and that is hugely important to us.

How Much Will It Cost?

A very common question that we are asked by clients who have been involved in an accident is how much will it cost to make a claim.

Making a successful Compensation Claim will cost you nothing, as all legal fees are paid by the Insurance Company. We also make sure that you keep 100% of your compensation after an accident.

5 Star Review – “Very helpful and more importantly knowledgeable about the issues I was concerned about. Put at ease right away by Michael and I am more than happy with the outcomes and would really recommend McGee Solicitors. Take advantage of the free initial consultation, you won’t look back.”

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

To discover how much compensation you might receive for your Accident, simply click the link now to launch our Compensation Calculator:-

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We can fast-track your claim to ensure that you receive your compensation as quickly as possible and make sure you keep 100% of your compensation settlement

Accident Claim Compensation Calculator

100% Compensation Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will keep 100% of your compensation. Be careful because not all solicitors out there will do this.

Some solicitors will try to take a portion of your compensation settlement to go towards their fees meaning that you get less compensation. We do not do this and we guarantee that you will keep 100% of your compensation after an accident.

Call us now on 028 71 229 343 or use our Free Enquiry Form.

If you have been involved in an accident then call us to discuss your case free of charge and hopefully we will be able to answer any questions that you have and make sure that you make the right decision for you and your family after an accident.

5 Star Review –“Used McGee Solicitors recently and I would highly recommend them for their service. They were friendly, approachable and very professional. They put me at ease from the start and made everything straight forward. They were always available when I needed their advice throughout. Thank you for all your help.”

A Car Accident can be very frightening and cause serious long-term injuries. This can cause anxiety and pain, and you may also lose money if you are not able to work.

We can help you get compensation after a car accident at no cost to you. We are specialist Car Accident Solicitors so you can be assured that you are getting the best advice and assistance available after a car accident.

Why Choose Us?

You will be met with a friendly face and positive attitude by a team that really wants to see the best outcome for you after a car accident. We offer a Free Consultation so you can discuss your case with us for free and without obligation. You will know we are on your side.

5 Star Review- “After a serious car accident, they provided me with all the help and advice I needed. Fast, effective & knowledgeable, they were able to secure an excellent settlement for me and I will recommend them to anyone in need of legal help.”

At the heart of our ethos is that we really care about our clients. At McGee Solicitors we guarantee to provide a better service than other Solicitors.

As expert in Car Accident Solicitors we are able to assist with ANY issue after a car accident including:-

  • Compensation
  • Car Hire
  • Car Repairs
  • Medical Assessment
  • Financial Loss Assessment

Call us on 028 71 229 343 or use our Free Online Enquiry now to get in contact.

Car Accident Solicitors

If you have been in a Car Accident you may have questions or issues. We have prepared guides to help you find out more so you know where you stand.

If you have any other questions just call us on 028 71 229 343 for some advice free of charge.

Just click on the links below to find out more:-

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

  1. Stop and Remain at the Scene – It is important that you stop and exchange details with the other driver such as name, address and insurance details.
  2. Review the Damage and the Circumstances of the Accident – Before assessing the damage to the vehicles, it is very important that you firstly check on the safety of everyone involved in the accident and call an Ambulance if necessary. Once this is taken care of, you should evaluate the damage sustained to the vehicles and who was at fault. Take photos of the damage to the vehicles if possible. It is important that you do not admit fault unnecessarily at the scene of the accident.
  3. Contact the Police – Call the Police from the scene and log the accident with them. They may or may not attend the scene. This usually depends on the seriousness of the accident. In any event it is important that you obtain the Police Reference Number for the incident. If the Police are not contacted at the scene, it is important that they are called and advised of the accident at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Call Us For Free Legal Advice – Contact McGee Solicitors for expert independent legal advice.

Contact Us

If you have been in a Car Accident then give us a call to discuss your case free of charge today. We will give you expert advice and give you some peace of mind so you know what your options are after a car accident.

To make a no obligation enquiry, please call us now on 028 71 229 343, email us on or Make An Online Enquiry.

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