Birth Injury Compensation Claims

Birth Injury Compensation Claims

Birth Injury Compensation ClaimsHave You Or Your Child Been a Victim of Birth Injury Negligence?

We are Solicitors that specialise in Birth Injury Compensation Claims, and we can help you claim compensation at no cost to you.

If you believe that you have been a victim of Birth Injury Negligence, give us a call and we will talk through the situation with you free of charge.

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How Can We Help?

At McGee Solicitors we are experts in representing clients in childbirth compensation claims. Our team has the expertise to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Whilst the majority of pregnancies and births occur without any difficulties, when something does go wrong it can be really serious. Negligent care during pregnancy and birth can have a lifelong impact on mothers, babies and their families.

When this happens, families have questions and deserve full answers. If avoidable errors have been the cause, they are also entitled to compensation and support.

“They take care of everything – hassle free, very friendly and super helpful with any question you may have, and always keep you updated on what’s happening.”

At McGee Solicitors, we can help you if you have been a victim of birth negligence, providing expert legal advice to question and challenge the care provided. We can also help to secure compensation for the impact it has on their lives.

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What is Birth Negligence?

Birth Injury Compensation ClaimsBirth negligence essentially means mistakes made by health professionals before, during or after birth.

Common mistakes seen by our team includes:-

  • Maternity staff failing to carry out tests quickly enough during pregnancy
  • Misinterpreting scans leading to an incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate treatment
  • Failure to act upon reduced foetal movements
  • Failure to take appropriate action when a mother’s blood pressure has been at dangerous levels.

Communication issues can also often be a contributory factor to things going wrong, and we see far too many cases where mothers and their partners feel their concerns have not been listened to early enough, or that they have been ignored completely.

Birth negligence can have a huge psychological impact on all involved, as well as the physical suffering caused. It can affect relationships, work, health and mental well-being.

Childbirth Claims

When a birth is less than straightforward, medical negligence can result in injuries to the mother, the baby or to both. If you or your baby have suffered injury because of a failure in your medical care, you may be entitled to compensation.

At McGee Solicitors we understand how difficult it is to suffer injury and complications at what should have been a wonderful time. Our medical negligence team are sympathetic and understanding as well as being experienced in the complex area of medical negligence in childbirth.

“From the very first phone call I felt at ease and was kept up to date with everything. Amazing help at every step, very friendly and reliable service. Also settled and sorted quickly with no hassles. Polite and professional.”

Where you have suffered physical or psychological harm or your baby has been harmed, we will step in to support and represent you through this time, taking on the work of your claim to reduce the stress on you as much as we can.

If you speak to us, we will go through what happened with you and let you know whether you can bring a claim for compensation. We have medical experts who we can instruct to prepare a report on your or your baby which we will use as a basis of your claim.

Call us now on 028 71 229 343 or  028 9002 5511 or use our Free Online Enquiry.

“Very helpful and more importantly knowledgeable about the issues I was concerned about. Put at ease right away by Michael and I am more than happy with the outcomes and would really recommend McGee Solicitors for all your legal requirements. Take advantage of the free initial consultation, you won’t look back.”

Birth Injury Compensation Claims

Where your baby has sustained injury or illness because of actions of your medical team, whether this was before, during or after the birth, you may be entitled to compensation. We act for clients in respect of a range of claims, including for the following:

  • Brain injuries
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Stillbirth
  • Broken bones, including skull, legs, arms, shoulder and collarbone
  • Scarring
  • Failure to diagnose hip dysplasia

Bringing A Claim For Childbirth Compensation

Birth Injury Compensation ClaimsWe can advise you as to the strength of your case and explain the procedure to you so that you understand what to expect.

We can also give you some idea of the amount of compensation you are likely to receive. This will include payment for pain and suffering as well as for financial losses such as long-term care, therapy, alterations to your home and loss of earnings.

We are often able to settle medical negligence compensation claims without the need to go to court. Our experts will negotiate the amount payable to obtain the best possible settlement on your behalf.

“Used McGee Solicitors recently and I would highly recommend them for their service. They were friendly, approachable and very professional. They put me at ease from the start and made everything straight forward. They were always available when I needed their advice throughout. Thank you for all your help.”

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As expert medical and clinical negligence lawyers with in-depth experience of claims for medical negligence during childbirth, we have the knowledge and experience to obtain the best possible compensation payment on your behalf.

Our team are friendly and approachable and will stay by your side throughout the transaction to ensure you are kept fully informed and supported.

Call us now on 028 71 229 343 or  028 9002 5511 or use our Free Online Enquiry.


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