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Childrens Accident ClaimsHas Your Child Been Injured In An Accident?

It is very upsetting when a child is injured in an accident. Accidents can cause injuries that are very painful and also cause anxiety and stress after being involved in an accident. This can have a serious impact on your child’s life.

If a child is involved in an accident they have the right to make a claim for compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

We specialise in Childrens Accident Claims and we can help you free of charge. We provide a sensitive and professional service so that your child will get the best service available.

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Why Choose Us?

Childrens Accident ClaimsWe are Friendly & Approachable Solicitors specialising in Childrens Accident Claims and our service is exceptional.

We can help obtain compensation for the injuries and suffering sustained and we can arrange a medical assessment of your child’s injuries.

We offer a Free Consultation and all Legal Costs / Fees are paid by the Insurance Company on the successful conclusion of the claim.

This means that making a successful Personal Injury Claim for your child will cost  nothing and we ensure that your child will keep 100% of the compensation.

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Children Accident Claims Solicitors

Your child’s injuries could affect them for a long time to come, potentially requiring ongoing rehabilitation and treatment.

It could even impact their adult life, preventing certain career choices. We have handled numerous claims involving children and can provide you with a free consultation and expert advice.

How Much Compensation Will My Child Get?

Find out how much compensation you could get now using our Personal Injury Compensation Calculator:-

Childrens Accident Claims

We will provide a consultation with a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor to assess your case free of charge.

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Can Children Claim For Compensation?

Personal injury claims involving children are slightly different to those involving adults. This is because in Northern Ireland, anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor. A minor cannot bring legal action on their own.

Therefore, an adult is appointed to deal with the personal injury claim on the child’s behalf. This person is usually a parent (or someone with parental responsibility) and is known as a next friend.

Childrens Accident ClaimsOtherwise, the personal injury claim process is much the same, until the point where a settlement is reached. When both sides agree on a sum of compensation, it must be approved by a judge, before anything is finalised.

When the settlement is approved it is held in a court-approved bank account until your child reaches the age of 18.

A child cannot access their money until the age of 18 which means that you can rest assured that the settlement will be held securely until they are old enough to spend it wisely. Even so, it is possible to request that funds are released to cover some exceptional expenses, such as medical costs.

Are There Time Limits To Make A Claim?

Most personal injury claims must be made within three years of the accident or the date of knowledge. But when a child is injured, this time limit does not start until their 18th birthday. So, no matter how old your child is, he/she has until their 21st birthday to bring a claim.

Should I Accept A Settlement Offer From An Insurance Company?

Sometimes insurance companies offer an injured adult compensation to cover their injuries, and also those of their children.


It could result in your child being under-compensated. Furthermore, your child’s settlement will not be protected for their future.

Insurance companies often make offers to try to settle claims without medical reports and legal advice and this can be against your best interests – Talk to us first for Free and Without Obligation.

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