Should I go to the Hospital After a Car Accident?

Should I go to the Hospital After a Car AccidentIf you were in a car accident, you might be wondering if you need to attend hospital in order to file a claim for damages. Not always, is the answer. Even if you have not sought medical attention, you are still eligible to file a claim for compensation. Nonetheless, there are a few advantages to getting medical attention following an accident. We at McGee Solicitors can provide expert legal advice and recognise how complicated personal injury cases can be.

After a car accident, numerous people have benefited from the assistance of our specialised solicitors – many of whom did not go to hospital. Please fill out our Enquiry Form or give us a call at 028 9002 5511 or 028 71 229 343 if you require our expert assistance.

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Why You Should Seek Medical Attention Following A Car Accident

Your health is the top priority. Even if you believe your injuries are minor, it’s essential to remember that some injuries may not manifest symptoms immediately. A prompt visit to the hospital allows medical professionals to assess your condition thoroughly.

Seeking prompt medical attention can help you in many ways:

1. Seeking medical attention can help you get treatment for your injuries faster. A car accident can cause injuries that are serious and require medical attention, such as whiplash, fractures, head injuries, or psychological issues. It’s possible that until you see a medical professional, you won’t realise how bad your injuries are. A medical professional can assess you and treat any injuries you may have received. In addition, they can suggest proper treatment, write prescriptions, or refer you to specialists.

2. It can also assist you in substantiating your claim and obtaining the correct compensation. Important documentation of your injuries and their effects on your life may be obtained through a medical examination. Your injuries can be documented by an expert, who can also provide an estimate of the healing time. This can assist you in demonstrating the extent of your injuries and the effects they have had on your daily activities, hobbies, and place of employment. A medical examination can also assist you in refuting any claims denials or lowball settlement offers from the insurance company.

Worried You Won’t Be Able To Claim Compensation?

Should I go to the Hospital After a Car AccidentThe decision to pursue a compensation claim is personal and depends on various factors, including the extent of your injuries and the circumstances of the accident. While obtaining medical treatment is advisable for your health, not seeking immediate medical attention will not prevent you from seeking the compensation you may be entitled to. At McGee Solicitors, we have a proven track record of assisting numerous clients in successfully claiming compensation, even if they chose not to seek any medical treatment after a car accident.

Our experienced team can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation. We understand that each case is unique, and we are committed to offering personalised advice and support throughout the claims process. Whether you’ve sought medical treatment or not, we’re here to assist you in navigating the complexities of a compensation claim after a car accident. Contact us today at 028 9002 5511 or 028 71 229 343 or fill out our Enquiry Form to schedule a free consultation.

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

At McGee Solicitors, you’re guaranteed to receive 100% of your compensation.  To see how much compensation you may get use our Compensation Calculator below:-

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We specialise in handling car accidents and personal injury claims. Our experience has allowed us to assist numerous people in claiming compensation, even in cases where they haven’t sought immediate medical help. If you’ve been involved in a car accident and are concerned about making a claim due to not having been to the hospital, worry not. Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide you with accurate information about your rights and options.

Whether you’re hesitant about making a compensation claim because you haven’t sought medical treatment or if you’re unsure about your eligibility, reach out to us today. We offer free expert advice without any obligation. Simply call us at 028 9002 5511 or send us a Free Enquiry to get the guidance you need.

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Should I go to the Hospital After a Car AccidentIf you’ve been involved in an accident but haven’t pursued medical treatment and are uncertain about your eligibility for a claim, or if you’re unsure about the severity of your injuries for a potential claim, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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With a specialisation in car accidents and personal injury claims, we’ve assisted numerous individuals in similar situations, including those who have refrained from seeking medical assistance.

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