Can I Make a Claim After an Accident?

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Can I Make a Claim After an Accident?

Accidents can happen in many different ways and in different circumstances, so it is not always easy toCan I Make a Claim After an Accident? know whether you would be able to make a claim for compensation.

We will be able to assess the accident circumstances and tell you whether you are able to make a claim or not.

Being able to start a claim depends largely on two things:-

  1. The circumstances of the accident and who is at fault; and
  2. Whether you have sustained an injury

Circumstances of the Accident

Some of accidents are very straightforward such as a car accident where there has been a rear impact. In those circumstances it is very often clear that the driver who has driven into the rear of the car is clearly at fault.

There are other incidences such as a car accident on a roundabout where it can be much harder to show who is at fault such as if one vehicle has entered into another lane, there can be a dispute as to who has entered which lane, in other words who is in the wrong. It can sometimes be hard to see whether or not you can make a claim in some circumstances.

Another example of this is if you are involved in a work accident and you have sustained an injury. Sometimes it can be hard to see whether or not you are able to bring a claim against your employer for example. This can vary due to the different varieties of work accidents such as working with machinery, not being provided with the proper protective equipment, tripping over wires and burns. In those sorts of circumstances, we will be able to tell you very quickly as to whether or not you will be able to make a claim.

We offer a Free Enquiry so you can discuss the circumstances of the accident with us at no cost to you and give you guidance as to whether you are able to make a claim or not.

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

To discover how much compensation you might receive for your Accident, simply click the link now to launch our Compensation Calculator:-

Accident Claim Compensation Calculator

We can fast-track your claim to ensure that you receive your compensation as quickly as possible and make sure you keep 100% of your compensation settlement

Slipping Or Tripping Accidents

There are other accidents such as someone slipping in a supermarket when there has been a spillage on the floor. People can sustain very serious injuries in those types of accidents.

Recently we assisted a lady who slipped in a supermarket and broke her hip and sustained life changing injuries where her mobility and ability to walk were devastated by this. In those circumstances we were able to show that the supermarket where she fell had been negligent in ensuring that their isles and the floor were free of obstacles. We were able to prove that her falling and slipping were as a result of liquid that was on the floor which the supermarket should have seen, should have cleaned up and which led directly to her slipping and falling. Thankfully in those circumstances we were able to assist our client and she was able to claim a very significant sum of compensation.

Sometimes in accidents people can be very badly injured and sometimes it can be argued that it is their own fault, such as they trip over their own shoe laces. People can then wonder whether or not because they are injured, can they make a claim for compensation?

The fact of the matter is that they can only make a claim if it can be shown that that there is a fault and that the accident had been caused by another party, either by negligence or by their actions.

Speaking To A Solicitor Experienced In Accident Claims

It is very important that if you are in an accident that you speak to a solicitor who has experience in dealing with personal injury claims. Often people will go to their local solicitor and speak to them about their accident, but not all solicitors specialise and have a lot of experience in dealing with accident and injury claims.

For example, some solicitors may deal in general practice where they do a lot of conveyancing, Wills or probate, and their knowledge and experience of dealing with personal injury claims is very limited, but they may not tell you that. It is therefore very important that you speak to a solicitor who has experience and specialise in dealing with such claims.

We specialise in accident and injury claims which means that we are able to provide the best advice, the best guidance and we are able to obtain the best medical reports as to your injuries so that we can ensure that you are provided with the best service possible.

If you are in an accident, do your homework and make sure you are speaking to someone who knows what they are talking about.

Injuries Sustained After An Accident

The second part of whether or not you can make a claim for compensation is whether or not you have sustained an injury.

If you have not sustained any injury then it is not possible to make a claim for compensation. The injuries you sustain do not have to be very significant, they can be minor, they can be scratches or some soreness but that still means that you are able to make a claim for compensation.

Furthermore, if you have psychiatric or psychological upset or anxiety arising after an accident that also entitles you to make a claim. Again, it is essential that you speak to a solicitor who has a lot of experience in dealing with these kind of cases and can answer your questions regarding whether you can make a claim.

We have come across cases in which people contact us and they have sustained very mild whiplash type injuries after a car accident and because they have not been to the doctor or been to A&E they do not think that they are able to make a claim after an accident. That is not the case. After speaking to us they realised that they were able to make a claim despite their injuries being relatively minor and we were able to obtain compensation for them after an accident.

Obviously in some cases there are very serious injuries sustained after an accident, sometimes life changing. But every accident is different and we are happy to talk to you free of charge to discuss your accident claim and to look at the injuries that you have received and what your entitlement to compensation would be.


Claiming For An Accident At Work

There are some circumstances in which people are in accidents such as an accident at work where they may be concerned that they may lose their job or they do not want to make a claim against their employer and they are worried about the fall out from that. We have dealt with many cases of people who have been in those exact circumstances and we will be able to give you guidance as to your rights in terms of your employment and your rights as an employee both in terms of your ability to claim and whether or not your employer’s behaviour towards you after an accident is correct or not.

If you are in circumstances where you have been in an accident at work and you have concerns then feel free to get in touch with us.  You can talk to one of our team free of charge. We will not put you under any pressure to claim.  The decision will be entirely yours.  It would be at least worthwhile talking to us and discussing whether you can make a claim against your employer.  To find out what kind of value your claim would be and what the potential outcomes could be in terms of your relationship with your employer.

It is also important to remember that if you are making a claim in those circumstances that employers have insurance companies and insurance policies in place to pay for your claim. So, if we do proceed with a claim for you that we will be dealing with an insurance company and not your employer directly in the vast majority of cases.

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