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Report Accident At Work BelfastReport accident at work Belfast – If you have been injured at work, it is vital to make an accident at work report to your employer. If you were hurt and the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.  You are advised to speak to a work accident claims solicitor as soon as you can.

At McGee Solicitors, we represent individuals in claiming work accident compensation after being injured while working for their employer. We have experience in dealing with all levels of claim, from minor injuries to serious incidents that have caused life-changing problems.

We understand that bringing a claim against your employer may seem daunting and we will make sure that you have our guidance and support throughout. Your employer is legally bound to have insurance in place to provide cover in the event of an accident.  Therefore your claim will be against the insurance company.

We routinely make claims against major insurers and their legal teams. Our in-depth understanding of the process and many years of experience mean that we are confident that we can secure the best possible compensation for you.

If you have are reporting an accident at work and you feel you are owed compensation for the injuries you have suffered, we will be happy to talk through your situation with you during a free initial consultation. Call us on 028 71 229 343 or fill in our no-obligation Free Enquiry Form and an expert work accident claims lawyer in Belfast will ring you back to discuss what has happened.

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Why Do You Need To Report An Accident At Work?

Report Accident At Work BelfastAccident at work reporting is important for several reasons, including:

  • Making a record of what has happened to support your claim
  • Entering the details into a formal document means that they cannot be forgotten or later denied
  • Triggering any further reporting that may be required by law, for example, in the case of certain more serious accidents, your employer is required to report them to the government under RIDDOR or The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
  • Helping your employer improve health and safety standards to try and prevent the same thing from happening again to someone else
  • Ensuring that should the same thing happen again, there is a record of the previous incident so that the authorities can see that safety concerns should have been addressed

The Correct Process For Reporting Accident At Work

You should seek medical help straightaway if you are injured at work.   But as soon as you are able, you should make sure that the incident is recorded in your employer’s official accident book. Accident reporting at work is the first step in ensuring you have a strong case for compensation.

Your employer is required by law to have an accident book if they have more than ten employees. Even if your employer is smaller, they may maintain an accident book and you should check that, if there is a book, your incident has been properly recorded.

If no accident book exists, make a full report yourself of what happened and give it to your employer or manager, making sure you keep a copy for yourself.

Details to be recorded include:

  • Your name, gender and date of birth
  • Your job title
  • What happened and how it happened, to include as much detail as possible
  • The injuries you sustained
  • Any other relevant details, such as whether you were pregnant
  • The name and job title of the person who is entering the details of your accident into the accident book

RIDDOR – Reporting Of Injuries, Diseases And Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013

If the accident you sustained was serious, your employer may be legally required to report it to the Health and Safety Executive by making a RIDDOR report via their online form.

This includes in the event of:

  • An accident which causes death
  • An accident which results in serious or reportable injuries, to include where you will be absent from work for more than seven days
  • Certain industrial diseases, including carpal tunnel syndrome, occupational cancer and disease caused by exposure to a substance while at work
  • Certain dangerous occurrences that have the potential to cause harm

It must also be the case that the incident was work-related, ie. the accident was related to:

  • How your job was organised, supervised or carried out
  • Work plant or equipment was involved
  • The conditions where the accident took place

Report Accident At Work Belfast

What To Do After You Make A Report Work Accident

As well as making sure work accident reporting has been dealt with, you should take photos of anything relevant.  This will include the area where the accident happened, any equipment or machinery involved and any hazards that contributed to your injuries. You should also make a plan of the place where the accident happened, including any relevant machinery, furniture, obstacles or people who were present.

If anyone else was present or had experience of the hazardous situation, you can ask them to share their information.

If you ask us to represent you, we can contact those concerned and work to obtain witness statements. Securing this information early on can be very helpful, as some details may be lost over time as people forget exactly what happened or hazards are removed.

Your employer may launch a formal investigation into the incident. You are strongly advised to speak to a work accident solicitor before signing any documentation or making any statements in relation to this.

You must also make sure you seek medical help straightaway. This will ensure that there are medical records of what has happened. You should attend all medical appointments that are recommended to you.

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Do I Have A Valid Claim For Work Accident Compensation?

Your employer is required to keep you safe at work by observing their duty of care towards you. This includes:

  • Ensuring you have the protective equipment needed to carry out your job safely
  • Providing adequate training in the use of machinery
  • Providing health and safety training
  • Ensuring machinery and equipment are safe and well-maintained
  • Ensuring there are no slipping and tripping or other hazards
  • Carrying out regular risk assessments

If you believe that your employer has failed in their duty to keep you safe and you have been injured as a result, we strongly recommend that you speak to a work personal injury lawyer.

We offer a free initial consultation so that you can discuss what happened with an expert work claims solicitor. Our experts will answer your questions, for example, about the claims process, how long it will take, what the first steps in claiming compensation are and how much you might expect to receive.

We also guarantee that you will keep 100% of your compensation.

“I would highly recommend to anyone looking for top class solicitors. They did a great job for me and kept me informed every step of the way.”

At McGee Solicitors, we guarantee you will keep 100% of your work accident compensation payment.

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