Construction Site Accident Settles for £17,000 – Case Study

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Construction Site Accident Settles for £17,000 – Case Study

Our experts make the personal injury claim process straightforward and stress-free.Construction Site Accident Settles for £17,000 – Case Study

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McGee Solicitors specialise in Personal Injury Claims, we can help you claim compensation at no cost to you. Our team has the expertise to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Construction Site Accident Settles for £17,000 – Case Study

Our client was working as a brick layer on a building site when a heavy metal beam which was being lifted into position fell and struck him on the back of his neck.

Our client sustained significant neck and shoulder injuries as a result of being struck by the beam. Thankfully the injuries were only soft tissue injuries, in other words there were no broken bones.

We obtained an orthopaedic surgeon report for our client to investigate the injuries to his shoulder and neck and the surgeon gave a prognosis of 14 months for recovery. Meaning that our client should have recovered fully after 14 months after the accident.

Our client was obviously very lucky not to have been really seriously injured when the metal beam landed on his neck. It could easily have been a catastrophic accident causing life changing injuries. Our client was able to get back to work relatively quickly but the pain that he was suffering from had continued for some time.

Initially the claim was rejected by the insurance company for the construction company that were in charge of the site. They stated that there was no record of an accident having happened and that they were therefore not prepared to deal with the claim or accept that any accident had happened on site.

They stated that no accident report form had been completed.  Therefore, they were not able to compensate our client for the accident because there was no record of the accident having happened.

As a result of this we immediately obtained our client’s Accident and Emergency records.  They confirmed the date on which the accident happened and also confirmed that the accident happened on a construction site as a result of a metal beam landing on his neck. We also obtained a witness statement from one of the other construction workers.  They were able to confirm the accident occurred and what had happened. We sent both the witness statement and the A&E records to the insurance company.  They immediately then accepted liability and wanted to open settlement negotiations for compensation.

Compensation of £17,000

We sent the medical report to the insurance company. After lengthy discussions the sum of £17,000 was agreed and paid to our client.

All legal costs and outlays were covered by the insurance company.  This meant that making a work accident claim for our client free of charge and did not cost him anything.

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