What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?

What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?

What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?At McGee Solicitors we strongly believe that you should be fully compensated for your injuries and that you should have security for the future if your pain and suffering are ongoing.

Unlike some solicitors or claims handlers, we guarantee that you will keep 100% of your compensation. This is because we genuinely care about our clients.

We strongly believe that this is your money and you are entitled to all of it by way of compensation for everything that you have been through.

If you would like to take up the offer of a free initial consultation to discuss making a car accident compensation claim, call us on 028 90 394 131 or fill in our no-obligation Free Enquiry Form and we will be happy to talk through your situation with you.

“I sustained injuries as a result of the trauma from the accident and was encouraged by my nephew to let McGee Solicitors undertake my claim. I was guided by the firm to the process and was updated on a regular basis regarding status of claim and always given clarification and information. I would encourage anyone who like me was ‘green’ to the process of claiming let McGee Solicitors represent them. I can only thank them right now for their help and the positive outcome of my claim.”

What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?

What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?Call us now on 028 9002 5511 or use our no-obligation Free Enquiry Form.

At McGee Solicitors we are experts in representing clients in whiplash compensation claims. Our team has the expertise to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident and it was not your fault, you are entitled to bring a claim for compensation. This will take into account your pain and suffering as well as any financial losses you have incurred.

Assessing The Amount Of Your Claim

We will talk through the extent of your claim with you to explain exactly what you are entitled to. We have medical experts who will prepare reports assessing your injuries and the likely ongoing effect.

This will help us establish how much you may be entitled to.

Click on the link below to see how much compensation you may be entitled to.Accident Claim Compensation Calculator

“I came to Michael McGee on a whim. I did not think I would get anything and I did not think a solicitor would even take the case on. My case was unusual and I was not sure if there was any point in pursuing it. I kept 100% of my compensation as well. I am really grateful to Michael, he provided a great service.”

The amount you receive will depend upon the severity of your injuries and what they are likely to mean for you in the future. The Judicial College, which trains and supports judges, issues guidelines as to the amount of compensation that should be awarded for a full range of injuries and we can advise you what the guidelines are for your particular injury.

What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?By way of example, the Judicial College guidelines in respect of whiplash suggest the following payment bands:

  • Where a whiplash injury heals within three months: £1,000-£2,300;
  • Where a whiplash injury takes between three months and a year to heal: £2,300-£4,000;
  • For whiplash injuries that heal in one to two years: £4,080-£7,410;

Serious whiplash injuries that cause long-term disability and that may be combined with other injuries would result in substantially higher payments.

It is often the case that someone who has sustained injury in a car accident will have several different types of injury and these will all be taken into account.

It is therefore difficult to suggest the average figure without knowing exactly what has happened to you. Our team are very experienced in looking at individual situations and advising on the amount that you could expect to receive. If you would like to discuss your injuries and receive some guidance, we would be happy to hear from you.

“Michael & Stephen were extremely thorough with fantastic attention to detail throughout my entire time with them. Michael was so informative and kept me in the know about everything that was going on. He is the best in the business for road traffic accident claims for sure! Thanks again!”

What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?

What Is The Average Payout For A Car Accident Claim?We are expert personal injury solicitors in Belfast with in-depth experience of bringing successful car accident damages claims.  We have the knowledge and experience to obtain the best possible compensation on your behalf that takes into account both your injuries and your financial losses.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you should seek legal help as soon as possible to ensure that your rights and interests are protected from the start. We will explain the process to you and stay by your side throughout to offer advice and support.

We have solicitors who deal with accident compensation claims in both Belfast and Derry.  We have an excellent track record of success and who have won substantial sums for clients in all areas of road traffic accident personal injury.

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If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault and you would like a free consultation to discuss your options, call us on 028 90 394 131, email us at info@mcgeesolicitors.co.uk or fill in our no-obligation Free Enquiry Form.


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