Can I Claim Without A Witness To My Accident?

Can I Claim Without A Witness To My Accident?

If there are no witnesses to your accident, you may be wondering if you can still bring a claim. While you will need to be able to prove that your accident was someone else’s fault, evidence is usually available in more than one way. While witnesses are useful, you may still be able to bring a successful claim without one.

Can I Claim Without A Witness To My Accident?At McGee Solicitors, we have many years of experience in obtaining excellent settlements for personal injury claims. If you give us a ring, we can talk through what has happened and discuss the situation with regard to witnesses. In our experience, there are often other sources of evidence that can establish fault on the part of the other side.

Our personal injury solicitors are easy to talk to and helpful. We will do all we can to ensure that your claim is as stress-free as possible. As well as our in-depth legal experience, we are known for our excellent client care. We provide support and advice throughout.  We will make sure we are available to speak to you when needed to answer your questions.

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The Role Of A Witness In A Personal Injury Claim

There are many ways in which individuals could be injured, to include accidents at work, road traffic accidents and accidents in public places such as falls on pavements or in supermarkets. Witnesses could be those who were passing the scene of an accident or your work colleagues who saw what happened.

Witnesses to your accident will generally be asked to provide witness statements setting out what happened, to support your claim and show that the other party was at fault.

Independent Witnesses

The testimony of some witnesses is considered more valuable than others. Where a witness is independent, that is, someone who was just passing and has no connection to you, their statement may be considered more helpful than someone who knows you, such as a passenger who was in the car with you. However, if the witness did not clearly see what happened, then other evidence will also be needed to establish liability.

Making A Personal Injury Compensation Claim Without A Witness

If no witnesses are available, then it may be the case that the other party tries to deny liability, for example, saying that they were not at fault for a road traffic accident. While witnesses are usually helpful to a claimant, they are not always essential. In some cases, the other side may admit liability, even with no witnesses, if they believe that it is obvious what has happened.

If you do not believe there were any witnesses to your accident, we will gather all other relevant evidence in support of your case. This could be the reports of traffic accident investigators or statements from your work colleagues saying that something similar has happened in the past.

Our team have in-depth experience in establishing a strong case in personal injury matters.  We know where to look for evidence and individuals who may be able to help your claim. We will work to build a robust case.  Obtaining medical reports in respect of your injuries as well as a range of supporting facts.

We will put this to the other party’s solicitor and ask them whether they will admit liability. If they do, then we will negotiate with them to try and agree on a sum in settlement. If liability is not admitted, then we will prepare your case for court. We understand that this can be intimidating, but you will have our full support.  We will ensure that you have a personal injury expert representing you.

Why Choose McGee Solicitors For Your Personal Injury Claim?

Can I Claim Without A Witness To My Accident?Our clients choose us not just for our legal expertise but because of the exceptional care and support we offer. We are known for being friendly and approachable and we will always give you an honest assessment of your case.

Our experts will answer all of your questions from the start.  Ensuring that you know exactly what to expect from the claims process. We can also discuss issues such as risk-free funding of your case, how long your claim might take and how much compensation you could expect to receive.

We provide the following to all of our clients:

  • Free initial consultation
  • A guarantee that you will keep 100% of your compensation
  • Full protection against legal costs
  • Friendly and genuine experts in personal injury claims

“5 star service from Michael as usual. I have been using his services for quite some time and can honestly say he has always gone miles out of his way to accommodate my every need at every point I have required them. Brilliant firm, thanks for all your help.”

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