How To Make A Whiplash Claim

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How To Make A Whiplash Claim

We are Solicitors that specialise in Whiplash Injury Claims, and we can help you with a claim for Whiplash Compensation for Free.

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How To Make A Whiplash Claim

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Whiplash can be a painful and debilitating injury. When it was caused by an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation for the pain and suffering you are experiencing.

We specialise in whiplash injury claims. We are a friendly firm and always put your needs first.

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

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We can fast-track your claim to ensure that you receive your compensation as quickly as possible.  We will make sure you keep 100% of your compensation settlement.

What is a Whiplash Injury?

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury to the neck caused by the head being jolted forwards and backwards or side to side. This commonly happens in car accidents when the vehicle you are travelling in is shunted from behind or from the side. The car that hits you does not need to be moving quickly to cause injury, in fact whiplash often results from collisions at speeds of only 5-10 miles per hour. Whiplash can also be caused by a slip or a fall.

Symptoms of whiplash include neck, back and shoulder pain, headaches, jaw pain and concussion. You may also suffer anxiety and sleep problems. It can take a while for symptoms to develop fully.   When making any claim for compensation we would take this into account and allow time to monitor the progress of your injuries.

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Are You Entitled To Compensation For Whiplash?

If your whiplash was caused by an accident that was not your fault, you are usually entitled to make a claim for compensation. If you were either the driver or a passenger in a car that was hit by someone else and the crash was their fault, you can bring a claim for compensation. You can also claim if your injuries were sustained while using public transport, such as a bus or taxi.  You may also be able to bring a case if you were a pedestrian or cyclist.

When your whiplash was caused by a slip, trip or fall caused by negligence on the part of someone else you may also be entitled to sue for compensation. Examples include slipping on a wet supermarket floor or tripping on an uneven pavement.

What To Expect When Making a Whiplash Claim

Your claim is likely to be dealt with by the insurance company covering the vehicle involved in the accident or the premises where your fall occurred. At McGee Solicitors we have extensive experience in bringing successful cases against insurance companies and their lawyers.

“Having very little insight into the process of claims for road traffic accident I didn’t know how I could or even would claim. Unfortunately I sustained injuries as a result of the trauma from the accident and was encouraged by my nephew to let McGee  Solicitors undertake my claim. I was guided by the firm to the process and was updated on a regular basis regarding status of claim always given clarification and information.”

Your first step should be to let us know about your accident so that we can help you notify the right people and obtain medical evidence of your injuries. We will spend time with you assessing your claim.  We will go through exactly what happened and take down details of how your injuries have impacted your life.

You will be medically assessed by an expert in whiplash injuries and your medical reports will form an important part of your case. We will arrange the examinations for you and make sure you understand the process.

Throughout your claim we will make sure we keep you updated as to progress and give you all the help and advice you need.

How We Will Help You Through Your Whiplash Compensation Claim

We will work with you to assess the extent of your losses.  We will make a claim on your behalf for both general damages and special damages.

General damages is financial compensation for the pain and suffering you have suffered.  This also includes the negative impact the accident has had on your quality of life.

Special damages are to pay for financial losses caused by the accident.  This includes such things as a loss of earnings or medical expenses.

It is usually the case that the other side will settle a claim before the matter reaches court. We will discuss any offer with you and advise you as to whether we consider the amount to be adequate or whether we believe your claim to be worth more.

100% Compensation

Unlike some other law firms, we will pass on 100% of your compensation to you. This means that you will keep the whole sum that is agreed upon with the other side’s solicitors or which is awarded by the court.

“Michael & Stephen were extremely thorough with fantastic attention to detail throughout my entire time with them. Michael was so informative and kept me in the know about everything that was going on. He is the best in the business for road traffic accident claims for sure! Thanks again!”

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and approachable firm who really care about our clients. McGee Solicitors provide excellent, personal care at what is a difficult time for many people. We are experts in the area of whiplash injury claims and confident that our services are second to none.

Accident Compensation Calculator

We have created a Compensation Calculator. Click on the link to get an estimate of what your Accident Claim could be worth:-

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If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, we will be happy to advise you.  We can advise on the amount of compensation you can expect.  We will take you through the claims process.

Any legal fees are paid by the insurer with a successful claim.  You will receive 100% of your compensation settlement as we do not make any deductions.

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