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As experienced Criminal Law Solicitors based in Derry & Belfast we are experts in defending all types of historical sex offences.

We understand just how stressful a sex offence allegation can be for you and your family. If you are convicted it could lead to an immediate prison sentence and the loss of your reputation.

If you have been accused of a sexual offence contact us immediately. Expert advice from Experienced Historical Sex Offence Solicitors is essential to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Historical Sex Offence SolicitorsThis is a complicated area of law and it is crucial to have a legal expert on your side. We appreciate how distressing it is to be accused of historical sex offences, both for you and your family.

We provide:-

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Expert Criminal Law Solicitors
  • 24 Hour Police Station attendance (Call on 02871229343)
  • Forensic and Medical experts who can test the Police evidence against you.

How Much Will It Cost?

We provide an initial Free Consultation to discuss your case and assess your options.

It is FREE to have one of our Solicitors attend at the Police Station with you, as it is covered under the Legal Aid Scheme.

If you are being brought to Court we can apply for Legal Aid on your behalf which will cover any Legal Costs or Fees for your case.

Accused of Historical Sex Offences?

Cases of historical sex offences are becoming increasingly common. More and more people are coming forward to say they were subject to sexual abuse in the past. There is no time limit for bringing a sexual offence case in Northern Ireland. This means you could be accused of committing a sexual offence that supposedly took place years or decades ago.

A delay in reporting the incident can have little effect on whether a complaint is viewed as  credible or not. Therefore, the alleged incident may have happened 20 or 30 years ago, but the police will still investigate the complaint and the case can go to Trial.

This can create significant difficulties as these types of cases frequently rely on the alleged victim’s testimony. Yet memories are known to fade and become less reliable. Also, contemporary evidence will likely have been destroyed and key witnesses may no longer be available.

These factors make historical sex offence cases very complex. It takes an expert sexual offence solicitor to know how to defend such allegations. That’s where we can help you. If you have been accused of a historical sex offence, contact us straightaway for advice. We do not recommend representing yourself, even if you are innocent and have nothing to hide.

Historical Sex Offence Solicitors

It may be that the alleged abuse took place within your family, at a school or club, or in a residential care home. Whatever the circumstances you are innocent until proven guilty. The burden rests with the prosecution to prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

However, we know from experience that even an allegation of sexual abuse can be just as devastating as a guilty verdict. Such accusations can affect your standing in the community and your reputation.

That is why immediate legal advice is essential. We are meticulous in our preparation. We will analyse every detail of the prosecution’s case against you, scrutinising the evidence that the Crown intends to use to prove your guilt.

If you are unfit to stand trial due to physical or mental health reasons, we can investigate this through a psychiatric or medical assessment.

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